2011 Guitar Summer School Concert

As the first post of the now revitalised blog what better way than to start with dropping in on a performance of classical guitarists like Raffaele and Janet Agostino, Richard Charlton, Oliver Fartach-Naini, Chris Keane & Timothy Kain!  As part of the annual Sydney Guitar Society’s Summer School Friday night was the chance for all to enjoy performances by the various teachers and guest players in attendance.  The concert was cleverly assembled with duos, trios and other ensemble works as well as an outstanding performance from Simon Powis.


Repertoire included:

Sydney Guitar Quartet – From Terpischore (Pretorius)

Simon Powis – Sonatina (Morel)

Sydney Guitar Trio – From Six Trios (Houghton)

Oliver Fartach-Naini & Raffaele Agostino – Incantation; Updraft (Charlton)

Dim 7 (All tutors Incl. Timothy Kain) – Dancas Populares Brasileiras (Machado), Introduction & Fandango (Boccherini)


Rick Falkiner was able to identify all the instruments used in the performance from sight!  These included:

• Paul Sheridan, Cedar Top (Lattice Braced) – Simon Powis

• Greg Smallman Son Guitars, Cedar Top (Latticed Braced) – Raphael Agostino, Janet Agnostino, Timothy Kain

• Dan Kellaway, Spruce Top – Richard Charlton

• Simon Marty, Cedar Top – Chris Keane

• Rolf Eichinger, Spruce Top – Oliver Fartach-Naini


More events and resources will be posted as this blog develops.  Don’t forget to check out the guitars available for sale from Rick Falkiner @http://www.guitarcentre.com.au/.

Videos for 2011 will be available soon, but in the meantime try this performance by Vincent Lindsay Clark from 2010’s Summer School where he was the guest performer and tutor that year.  It is entitled When I’m 64 (after Bach & Villa Lobos).

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming guitars as they are acquired, guitar teaching resources and arrangements.


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