Antonio Bernal Flamenco Blanca

During my last trip to Spain I must have see at least 20 very expensive Flamenco guitars by various makers but all the guitars were made in the same factory in Valencia. So it is very refreshing to receive this new Antonio Bernal Blanca last week.

Featured on the left is a 2011 Antonio Bernal Flamenco Blanca (Cypress back and sides). It has a Spruce top with an ebony fingerboard; 660mm scale 52 at the nut and a smooth action at the twelfth fret measuring 2.9mm. It has a real old school Reyes vibe responding well to proper flamenco technique. The price of this guitar is $5,950 which is great value for a hand signed master built Flamenco.

Flamenco guitars are exceptional instruments for expressing sound & emotion. View this clip from Antonio Bernal’s website to see it played live:

One Response to “Antonio Bernal Flamenco Blanca”
  1. travis says:

    I’m in the market for a Flamenco in about 2 months between $3000 $5000 AUD, have heard that most Spanish guitars of even the most establish names are not made by the ‘makers’ hand or even in the makers actual shop….So what names should we be looking for that are all produced out of the same factory, are we talking like Sanchis, Conde’s lower models under $4000 what other names are produced out of just the one factory? thanks trav

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